Colorpeak is Web Design and Marketing agency based in Gateshead / Newcastle
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Complete your business with a powerful

COLORPEAK Web Design & Marketing Agency Based in North East England

Grow your company and sell

like nobody’s business

More than 55,000 new companies are born in the UK every month. With such a demanding market, entrepreneurs and professionals seek cheap and quick fixes to gain an edge over their competition. Most fail.

Here’s a better approach.

Rather than a magic pill, we turn our Marketing Agency focus on SEO technology and AI innovation – with a hefty dose of good old common sense. Our role as a modern digital marketing agency in 2023 is to complete your vision with marketing automation and innovative technologies that are fast, result-driven and tailored to your unique circumstances.

And our mission is… Your growth. Your success.

Website Design that takes Your Business to the Next Level

Start with a modern and professional website – the #1 step to instantly outgrow your competition and reach out to a wider audience. And hire a web designer that can make your website work for your business as a living and thriving advertisement.

Brand Design that stands out, is meaningful and memorable

Your company is defined by a customer’s overall perception of your business. Colorpeak graphic designer can create or refresh the existing logo and brand so it does not only stand out but more importantly tells a story about your business and communicates its unique value proposition to the target audience.

SEO: make your website work for you

Google™ processes over 3.5 billion searches per day and the number is expected to double in the next 5 years (data by Colorpeak can analyse your business against the database of 3 billion keyword suggestions and find a way to outgrow your competition by placing your website on the 1st page of search engines. North East companies use our Internet Marketing Services to promote their brands on the Internet and Social Media.

Business Photography & Promo Videos

It’s all about the trust in your brand One look is worth a thousand words. Personalise your website and social media to establish immediate trust and build rapport with your customers. Promote your business effectively with Colorpeak’s professional advertisement photographer.

Social media set up

Social media gives companies the opportunity to connect with their customers right where it matters – on Facebook™, Twitter™, LinkedIn™ and Instagram™. Colorpeak’s Social Media Consultant helps you stay real and committed to your audience and your business will thrive.

Pay-per-click Ads

From as little as £0.3 per lead, the value of a professionally configured social media ad campaign is unrivalled. With a help of our Advertising Agency, you can target thousands of relevant people every day while running an efficient cost-per-click ratio thanks to our detailed keyword research, strategic audience segmentation and engaging ads design.

eCommerce: go straight for the profit

Black Friday 2022 saw a record-breaking day of global e-commerce, closing the day in $9.12B of online sales – a growth of 2.3% compared to 2021. Web retailers experience raise in sales profit every year, and the trend is expected to grow exponentially. That is why we created Colorpeak as an e-Commerce Agency first. Ecommerce is where we can have the biggest impact on our customers’ profits.

Email Newsletter Campaigns

Colorpeak’s Marketing Consultant can help you be proactive and reach out to your audience with automated email marketing. With an average email open rate of 21.8% across all business industries (according to Mailchimp™ 2017 Benchmark Stats), email marketing is still one of the most efficient ways of advertising and delivering highly relevant messages to people interested in your business.