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Boldon Colliery NE35

The Boldons are a group of 3 modest villages in the North East of England – East Boldon, West Boldon as well as Boldon Colliery – to the north of Sunderland, east of Newcastle and also southern region of South Shields and also Jarrow. They have an inhabitants of 13,271.

Boldon Colliery is a substantial village, making up over 500 miners’ cottages, in addition to numerous great shops, as well as there are chapels belonging to the Wesleyans, Primitives, Free Church and Lay Church, and the parish church is a little bit to the north-west. This community has to do with a mile north out of West Boldon, as well as three miles southern area of Jarrow. There is a train junction at Brockley Whins, that is the nearest railway station.

The recently built Quadrus Centre at Boldon Organisation Park houses entrepreneurial services and also serves as an entrance to South Tyneside on the main A19 stem roadway. The property features a modern design within its lakeside environment. The structure is lit up during the night in a series of colours and also has won lots of honors for its famous composition.

Make certain to go to the following areas:

  • Hedworth Lane Primary School
  • Cineworld Boldon Tyne and Wear
  • New Road play area
  • Boldon Colliery Village Hall
  • West Boldon Primary School

Boldon Colliery NE35 in a nutshell: a gratifying hike to the well-known places with information recounting funny stories about the construction and time lines of Old Boldon Colliery NE35.

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The most significant takeaway about your visit to Boldon Colliery NE35:

“Love strolling along the streets in Boldon Colliery NE35 – remarkable views of the North East.

Definately an area to head to to have an excellent evening out.

Completely suggested!” – Viona says checking out Boldon Colliery NE35

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