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Hartlepool, UK

Hartlepool is a town in County Durham, England. The town lies on the North Sea coast, 7,5 miles north of Middlesbrough and 17 miles south of Sunderland.

Hartlepool was generally administered as a part of the County Palatine of Durham till in 1887 West Hartlepool was included as a municipal district, in 1902 it was integrated as a county district in its own right, whilst remaining in the traditional ceremonial County Durham.

Hartlepool’s economy has actually traditionally been related to the maritime industry, something which is still at the heart of the local businesses.

Hartlepool is served by two primary paths which are the A179 road and the A689 road, both linking the town to the A19 roadway. The A179 roadway is the primary roadway to the north-west which results in the A19 roadway, Durham, Sunderland and Tyneside.

Things to do:

  • HMS Trincomalee
  • Heugh Battery Museum
  • St Hilda’s Church
  • Hartlepool Marina
  • Seaton Carew Beach

Furthermore: other awesome sites with well-rounded and truly kind members, an excellent atmosphere and finest events for parents and {their} kids likewise.

Hartlepool on Google Maps:

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What’s so noteworthy about Hartlepool:

“If you are checking out North East it is well worth popping to North East – the very best for going out at night to see all the lights.

Unique service and the food was impressive.

What more do you desire …” – Adam’s report on Hartlepool

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