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Killingworth NE12 in the UK

Killingworth, formerly Killingworth Township, is an area to the north of Newcastle Upon Tyne, in North Tyneside, England. Many of Killingworth’s residents commute to Newcastle, or its neighbouring area. Killingworth developed a sizeable commercial centre, with bus connections to the rest of Tyne and Wear. Killingworth is accessible by Palmersville Metro station. The most captivating and radical aspect of the township was the 3-tier housing real estate called Killingworth Towers- apartment or condo blocks built in the early 1970s.

Where should you use most of your time while travelling here:

  • The Killingworth Centre
  • Lakeside Park
  • White Swan Centre
  • Bailey Green Primary School
  • Killingworth Young Peoples Club

People frequently note about these sites: numerous other spectacles in the location – check those little galleries with an awesome and different selection of art pieces from a local artists alluding to the spirit of postminimalism forms and on to contemporary art, with at least one personal event on the menu.

Killingworth NE12 on Google: https://goo.gl/maps/uuSFuJeHkjbz8Jsp6

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The most critical point from visiting Killingworth NE12:

“I really love checking out Killingworth NE12 – fascinating varied artworks and a stunning dining establishment area.

Great deals being done to make it more eye-catching.

We like it! It was a romantic night.” – Thomas’s comment on Killingworth NE12

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