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Newcastle Upon Tyne in North East England

The largest city in the North East of England is called Newcastle upon Tyne. As a matter of fact, it is an essential centre for business and finance. Many people travel to Newcastle Upon Tyne to visit different places like the various attractions, museums, shops, and bars that can help fill up your trip schedule.

Some of the other destinations worth checking out while visiting Newcastle upon Tyne are Newcastle Castle, The Discovery Museum, The Biscuit Factory, The Glamorous Owl and, of course, Newcastle Museum and Art Gallery.

If you want to learn more about the art and culture of the place first, you may wish to visit the Newcastle Art Gallery where you can learn about paintings and drawings of the area.

But before you start exploring the well-known tourism destination, make sure you’ll also include in your trip all the various areas that are less known by people. You may also want to learn more about these places by doing some research work online and then make an informed decision regarding your next visit to Newcastle.

Newcastle Upon Tyne is also a business centre for growth and creative development, and thousands of students every year come here to learn and start a career. There are many schools, colleges and universities that you can choose from, and one of them is famous Newcastle University offering various courses for creative people who wish to pursue art, design and architecture in their life.

But that’s just a start. Similarly to Newcastle University, Northumbria University is of great significance for the entire city as it emphasises modern science, and their curriculum also includes advanced English, leadership, and science. All educational centres in Newcastle Upon Tyne strive to secure their students’ future work placement, providing a significant career headstart.

Newcastle Upon Tyne offers the necessary academic facilities, work opportunities and safe living conditions to those who chose to live and learn here.

Don’t forget to also check out these prominent venues:

  • Newcastle Cathedral
  • Theatre Royal
  • Northumbria University
  • The Discovery Museum
  • Laing Art Gallery

Additional visitors comments: a fulfilling tour to the well-known locations with information boards depicting anecdotes about the structures and breakthroughs of Old Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Newcastle Upon Tyne on Google Maps:

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Other fascinating detail worth repeating after your visit in Newcastle Upon Tyne:

“Newcastle Upon Tyne’s building system of the very first couple of decades of the 19th century puts to pity any type of various other British or European city.

Look around several of the much less evident edges to see the hidden craftwork.

We are going back following month for the high tea on my partner’s birthday.” – Jake’s review of Newcastle Upon Tyne

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