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Seaham in North East England

Seaham is a seashore town in County Durham, England. Positioned on the Durham Coast, Seaham is situated 6 miles towards the south of Sunderland and 13 miles to the east of Durham. Its parish church is one of the 20 most well-known lasting churches in the UK. The village grew from the late 19th century forward due to financial investments in its port and coal quarries.

Seaham has lovely beaches and also transport ties to the far eastern coast. From 2001 the majority of the Durham seacoast was set apart as a “heritage coast” and Seaham beachfront was completely renovated.

As of late, the community has a population of roughly 22,000 and is served by Seaham train station, which rests on the Durham Coast Line, running from Middlesbrough to Newcastle, along Hartlepool, Stockton and Sunderland.

Don’t forget to also call in at these popular sites:

  • Tommy World War One Soldier Sculpture – Eleven ‘O’ One
  • East Durham Heritage & Lifeboat Centre
  • War Memorial Cross
  • Featherbed Rocks
  • Nose’s Point

Seaham in a nutshell: knowledgeable and truly attentive personnel who opens visitors to their “behind the scenes” sections of the place so that anyone is capable to mark Seaham as it goes.

Seaham on Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Chu3kYHUxuoa6DheA

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What’s so significant with regard to Seaham:

“The instructors included complete insights along a light touch, making our trip to Seaham a compelling along with learning exposure that effectively stimulated the lives of the individuals that built this renowned venue.

A huge thank you to the girl on the front desk who ordered us a taxi back into town (the rain was torrential) – she was so useful.

Recommend you publication in breakthrough as it’s a preferred destination.” – Ollie’s summary of Seaham

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