Spots You Will Regret Not Catching In Whickham NE16

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Whickham NE16

Whickham is a small commune as well as civil parish in Hampshire, England, approximately three miles to the north of Fareham. At the 2011 census, it had a population of 4,299. The charming village of Wickham combines medieval past, exciting retail, delicious dining, beautiful countryside as well as lots of strolls and cycle trails. At the core of this cultural community lies the good-looking Square: among the major in the region covering close to two acres as well as always filled with homeowners and also visitors. A conventional bohemian horse exhibit is hosted annually every 20th May, in the village centre.

Best 5 great venues to check:

  • Whickham Hermitage Community Garden
  • Chase Park
  • Whickham Glebe Sports Club
  • Front Street Primary School
  • Buck’s Hill plantation woods

Moreover: sensible and very loving staff who grants visitors to their less common portions of the venue so that anybody is capable to note Whickham NE16 as it goes.

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The most noteworthy detail from visiting Whickham NE16:

“Whickham NE16 has great bars and cafes and also wonderful lights at night – it is a humming site along with great deals to see and do.

North East is jam-packed by having dining establishments to match all preferences as well as bars a lots.

I would suggest visiting and also want to go back quickly!” – Ben’s report on Whickham NE16

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