Lucas Hawro

“The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.” – Ogilvy

Lucas is the roaming head of operations and innovation strategist at Colorepak, which is a rapidly growing marketing automation and creative agency in the UK. Spends most of his time building marketing and business autonomy systems to optimise productive hours and make “busy” less busy.

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SEO Content Optimization – CognitiveSEO vs SimilarContent

If you’re after SEO Content Optimization both tools will give you very close results: higher rankings on SERP for your optimized blog articles. This review is my honest feedback as a dedicated SEO enthusiast in constant pursue of optimisation tools that provide the best results.

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Tracking (onclick) CTA’s via PixelMe in DIVI Theme

If you’ve ever worked with Divi Theme and PixelMe, you’ve probably quickly realised that adding a simple ‘onclick event’ to their Call-To-Action buttons isn’t straightforward (Divi’s buttons are styled anchor tags rather than regular HTML wrappers). Follow Colorpeak’s tutorial and implement PixelMe in Divi Theme by Elegant Themes in 5 easy steps.

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