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How SEO evolved throughout the years?

  The early beginning before SEO became a thing Before SEO there was the beginning of world wide web. In on March 6th, 1991 the first ever website - - was launched by Tim Berners-Lee. Stanford University students Jerry Wang and David Filo start...

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4 key skills of a Graphic Designer

Although it is not easy and takes time to acquire graphic design skills you can do it yourself especially if design is your passion. You can get a degree and end up being a part of a graphic artist team that works for large advertising agencies.

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Flat design vs depth in web design

By the time flat design was introduced in 2006 by Windows with their Zune player release, web designers were in a phase showing off their skills using flashy illustrations and animations that int their minds were to wow website visitors. It was a minefield full of colours, textures and simple animations that constantly distracted people to no end.

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Minimalism in Web Design

Whether you choose to design a minimalistic website or not, remember that what seems simple at first glance, usually requires a lot of effort from a designer’s perspective. There is no point in stripping things from the website to make it light and user-friendly if it’s not going to be functional.

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