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by | Nov 6, 2020 | Marketing

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Frase Tool review

This review of Frase was originally posted on AppSumo, and since it made it to the top 3 of the most helpful reviews, I thought it’s worth sharing here as well. Especially since it became our main copywriting tool since then.
From an SEO Agency perspective, this is truly a no brainer. Learning about many different workflows and content optimisation techniques over the years and using several “mainstream” content-creation tools we’ve realised that – regardless of anyone’s approach – you will arrive at the same point as everyone else – content briefs, planning and research.

Frase attempts to tackle all three of them. And they’re doing an amazing job at it.

Frase - AI content writing tool for copywriters

Frase Pros

  • Clean interface and no-fluff
  • Super intuitive and clear FAQ/Tutorials (as they should, given what the tool is for… )
  • I can’t see any apparent bugs and the tool looks robust – all the features I tried worked immediately
  • Within the first minutes of use, I already know that I will be saving 80-90% of my time on the research, planning and briefs
  • “Paste Brief” options – wow, just wow!

Frase Cons

  • I am missing Google Ads scraping. You got everything you need to add “Ads Writing Assistant” feature – I hope the developers will consider it…
  • Same as a current one-click option “Paste Brief”, the tool should have “Paste Content” with an adjustable keyword count, where H2-H4 headers (including Questions) are all added automatically from the brief. It would be a perfect one-click article generator ready for rewriting or spin.

Tools/workflow we’re using currently and where I see Frase replacing them:

  1. Google (obviously…) – Frase will replace manual searches and scrapes;
  2. Grammarly Pro – works with Frase;
  3. CognitiveSEO – I don’t think Frase can replace that yet (CSEO is on another level);
  4. PageOptimizerPro – same as Cognitive, not going anywhere;
  5. Ahrefs Keyword Research – I’ll probably still use it, but Frase does a good job in providing the most relevant keywords/questions;
  6. Keywords Everywhere/Answer the Public (for “related searches”/questions) – Frase replaces that;
  7. Ahrefs Content Explorer (and SocialAnimal) – maybe not as good as Ahrefs but for content writing, Frase is excellent;
  8. – I’ll keep using it for Ads and newsletter content, I guess…


  1. SEO Content Machine NEXT:
    SCM’s “Article Writer” comes closest to Frase but you don’t get a brief, and the scrapes are just too overwhelming in my opinion – even with filtering, provided snippets require a lot of manual sifting through. SCMN is amazing for other SEO-things, and it’s a subscription with a desktop-only application (no cloud, no extra “seats”).

Use case:

Last Monday I was assembling content for a solar panel company and using all tools above it took me a total of 12 hours to put together a medium-size company website with additional services, silo structure and MVP-keyword research.

For fun I’ve plugged “solar panels” to Frase’s “OpenWeb” – and right away, I can see that I could gather almost everything I need in 2-3 hours tops. That is 9-10 hours of free time I’d be getting using Frase.

If you’re doing SEO and don’t see a value in this tool – you’re either using a better alternative tool or… you’re doing something wrong – in which case I recommend you trying Frase – it might be a game-changer for you. It is for us.