How Better Visual Content Can Help You With Conversions

by | Dec 3, 2020 | Graphic Design, Web Design

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It‘s a fact that visual content helps with engaging potential customers on social media, but did you also know that brands that use videos and other visual content can help with conversions? Whether you’re just trying to get people to sign up for your newsletter, take a survey, or make a purchase, you’re probably looking for surefire ways to build your conversion rate. Better visual content can do just that; here’s how.

How Better Visual Content Can Help You With Conversions

First of all, your conversion rate isn’t necessarily how many of your site visitors end up buying something. If you’re trying to get people to your website, you could have any number of goals, like trying to convert a visitor into a lead (i.e. get them to request a free quote). Conversion rates are heavily tied to the effectiveness of your marketing; effective marketing can help convince a person that they need what you’re selling.

Visual content can do that in a way that words often can’t. Humans process visual images much faster than a block of words, so even though good copy is critical, you can get a lot more customers through visuals (which is one of the reasons you should spend some time creating a great logo with a free tool like Logo Creator). Couple that with more and more people spending more and more time watching videos online, and you can’t afford not to create engaging content.

Convincing you to boost your conversion rate by incorporating visuals into your marketing is easy enough, but that leaves the question of how? Here are five quick tips on creating engaging visual content for online marketing.

5 Top Tips on How Better Visual Content Can Help You With Conversions

  1. Choose a consistent colour palette – Your visuals should align with the colour you choose for your logo, to create a consistent message for customers. Pay attention to the colours you choose, because colours elicit different emotions for people;
  2. Practice with design apps – You’re probably not an expert on visual design, but luckily, there are free apps out there to help you. The only way you’ll get better at using them is to practice and work with them on a regular basis. You also should have a basic idea of visual design, like the Rule of Thirds;
  3. Stay on your brand message – Hopefully, your business is adopting a specific voice and tone, particularly in your marketing. You might adopt a more humorous voice or a serious, scholarly voice. The actual voice doesn’t matter, but your visuals should capture that voice. You should also pay attention to keeping a consistent message to help your customers trust you;
  4. Engage your customers – Creating engaging content that people want to interact with online can help build conversions for you as well. Humour is almost always a win, but it’s also important to stay on the message (see number 3). You can achieve this by being creative, incorporating animations, using stunning imagery; anything to get people to share your content and spread your message;
  5. Use videos – You’ve probably heard the statistics on videos on social media, but they keep getting more popular every year, and there’s no reason to think that trend won’t continue. A helpful video to help explain your product can help convince a potential customer that they want it, which will drive them to your site and turn them into a conversion. If they don’t understand what you’re selling, why would they buy it?


Putting together better visual content is easier said than done, but it’s not impossible, and it can really pay dividends in converting clicks into action. Great visuals should be a cornerstone of your marketing strategy.