Tracking (onclick) CTA’s via PixelMe in DIVI Theme

by | Sep 13, 2019 | SEO

Update: PixelMe decided to shut down Smart Attribution tab on Dec 31st, 2019. However, you can use the below guide for tools like Segment.

If you work with Divi Theme and PixelMe, you quickly realise that adding a simple ‘onclick event’ to their Call-To-Action buttons isn’t straightforward (Divi’s buttons are styled anchor tags rather than regular HTML wrappers).

We make it easy for you!

Follow this step-by-step process on our Fleeq page to implement PixelMe in DIVI.

Here’s how to implement Event Tracker of PixelMe in Divi Theme by Elegant Themes in 5 easy steps:

  1. Pick a button you want to track – either for a single CTA button or all buttons at once.
  2. For ALL CTA’s, identify the default CSS Class of your DIVI Theme buttons (e.g. “.et_pb_button”). Use your browser’s default inspector to confirm the right Class name for your button. Or to narrow down to a single CTA – input a custom CSS Class name in DIVI CTA Module Settings – Advance Setting – Custom CSS field (e.g. “callus”)
  3. Next, log in to your PixelMe Dashboard and go to Smart Attribution – Settings – Tracking code
  4. Select “Tracked events” from the dropdown. You should choose whatever is closest to your CTAs event you are trying to record. Copy the generated event script.
  5. Log in to your WP Dash and go to Divi – Integration – Header. Insert the following jQuery script with the button’s Class and your copied script from PixelMe:
PixelMe in Divi event tracker example
PixelMe in Divi event tracker example

Now every time someone clicks on the CTA(s) the event gets recorded on your PixelMe Dashboard.

How to implement Event Tracker of PixelMe in Divi

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