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  3. Colorpeak Ltd  reserves he right to withdraw from the web development/graphic design process if it becomes uneconomical to continue due to issues outside its control or if the customer refuses to pay for work satisfactorily completed. Under these circumstances, any sums paid by the Principal will be returned except where such sums have been paid to third parties.
  4. We accept payment by cash. Payment is due upon receipt of the service.
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  6. The customer has the right to reject the work of Colorpeak Ltd prior to final sign-off and receive a refund of the fees paid to that point except those fees paid to third parties.
  7. Colorpeak Ltd cannot be held liable for the content provided by the customer. Colorpeak Ltd can backup your previous website data for you prior to commencing work based on agreed service that is provided.
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    Colorpeak is a small team of talented and dedicated individuals who turned their passion for web design, SEO and eCommerce into business.


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